Corona’s Personal Injury Lawyer

Corona’s Personal Injury Lawyer

Mark “The Shark” Gonzales and the unparalleled staff at Gonzales Law Offices are Corona’s #1 rated personal injury law firm offering representation that’s light years ahead of the competition. When it comes to advocating for personal injury victims, our passion for justice is only matched by our legal expertise. That combination has led to an impressive track record of victories for our clients over the last decade which makes us extremely confident in our ability to deliver the same for you.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or a slip and fall – no matter what type of personal injury you sustained – you may be legally owed compensation for your injuries. Attorney Mark Gonzales and his bilingual staff can help you find out if your injury is eligible for a personal injury case due to negligence, malfunction, or malfeasance. We offer free case evaluations and charge no fees unless we win your case!

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Corona Personal Injury Services

While the staff at Gonzales Law Offices can help with any personal injury case, our specified services focus on a list of personal injury claims most common in Corona. We’ve built a five-star reputation representing the following types of cases:

Corona Auto Accidents

Gonzales Law Offices specializes in personal injury cases stemming from car accidents in the Inland Empire – including throughout Corona, California. Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is the highest-rated car accident lawyer in the city with over a decade of victories for his clients. You can count on Mark for exceptional legal knowledge and passionate advocacy when representing you, so make the right call today for the legal assistance you need. For personal injuries from car accidents that call will be to Gonzales Law Offices.

When you call Gonzales Law Offices about your personal injury case you’ll be connected with our helpful, bilingual staff. They’ll provide you with the general answers you need and schedule a free case evaluation where you’ll meet Mark Gonzales to discuss your case in detail. As an added incentive, you’ll pay no fees unless we win your case, so what are you waiting for? Call to get best car accident lawyer on your team today!

Corona Serious Brain Injury

Serious brain injury from an accident can cause life-altering, long-term impacts to you, your family, or your loved ones. Gonzales Law Offices can help with Corona’s top-rated personal injury lawyer specializing in serious brain injury cases – Mark “The Shark” Gonzales. For more than a decade, Mark and his dedicated, bilingual staff have been assisting families and victims with effective personal injury representation leading to millions in compensation for his clients. He can offer the same level of service and attention to your case when you choose Gonzales Law Offices to represent your best interests.

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to discuss your serious brain injury personal injury case with our Corona office staff. They will listen attentively to what you have to say and schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Mark Gonzales at the earliest opportunity. As you or your loved one have been injured, we can come to wherever is most convenient for you for our meeting. Plus, you pay zero fees unless we win your case, so make the call today!

Corona Motorcycle Accidents

Corona motorcycle accidents can lead to serious personal injury and are oftentimes the result of negligent or distracted drivers. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you’re going to want the best legal team in the Inland Empire on your side when it’s time for a personal injury case against the person or persons involved. Gonzales Law Offices, led by Mark “The Shark” Gonzales, specialize in helping motorcycle accident victims get the compensation they deserve for their ordeal.

When you call the Corona location of Gonzales Law Offices you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable, bilingual staff member who can answer general questions and schedule you for a free case evaluation wherever convenient for you. Should we take the case you’ll pay no fees unless we win, so what are you waiting for? Make the call today!

Corona Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a tragedy that has no equal in most of our experience. It can upturn lives and forever alter futures. At Gonzales Law Offices, we understand what you’re going through as we have assisted families just like yours with wrongful death cases for over a decade. That experience has taught us compassion, empathy, and a deep-seated need to find justice for these families. That makes us the ideal firm to call upon when you’ve been impacted by a wrongful death. We’ll come to you for a free consultation and explain all your options with no pressure or obligation.

If Mark “The Shark” Gonzales can obtain compensation in your wrongful death case, the awarded compensation can be put whatever uses you require. Some of the ways this compensation can help include:

  • Unpaid Medical Expenses
  • Remaining Hospital Bills
  • Funeral & Burial Costs
  • Victim Pain & Suffering
  • Family Pain & Suffering
  • Current Financial Losses
  • Future Financial Losses

No amount of financial compensation can ever replace a lost loved one. We know this well. However, winning a wrongful death can help you start to rebuild your life after your loss by giving you the wherewithal to meet your financial obligations. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation and let us help you in this difficult time.

Corona Transportation Accidents

Transportation accidents in Corona happen quite frequently and are often due to negligence on the part of an operator or malfunction of vehicles or equipment. In many of these cases, the victim could have a personal injury case against the driver or owner of the vehicle and they’re going to need an experienced legal team to help them get the compensation they deserve. In Corona, just as in the rest of the Inland Empire, that team is Gonzales Law Offices. Led by Mark “The Shark” Gonzales, they’re the best option in town for exceptional personal injury representation.

When you call Gonzales Law Offices about your transportation accident, our knowledgeable staff will explain our process to your satisfaction – including our “No Win, No Fee Guarantee” – and schedule a free case evaluation with our lead attorney. As you’ve been injured, we’ll meet you where most convenient, so distance is not a factor – just the results we deliver!

Corona Bus Accidents 

If you’ve been injured in a Corona bus accident and need the best legal representation for your personal injury case then call Gonzales Law Offices and work with Mark “The Shark” Gonzales. For more than a decade, Mark and his staff have been winning victories for clients just like you and have returned millions of dollars in personal injury compensation. Our clients choose us for our passion, our willingness to go to any legal extreme to win, and our promise to bill no fees unless we win your case. It’s as simple as that!

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule a free case evaluation with Mark Gonzales and let our talented team help you achieve what you’re after with your personal injury case. We can hold our consultation in a location convenient to you, so make the call today to get the legal ball rolling!

Corona Metrolink Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one suffered personal injury as the result of a Metrolink accident? The highly-rated and experienced legal team from Gonzales Law Offices is here to help. We offer world-class personal injury representation for Metrolink accident victims and charge no fees for our services unless we win your case. That means you can call on us for the answers you need in a difficult time without expectation or obligation. We’ll provide you with options and be ready to assist should you choose our firm.

The Metrolink is operated by humans and we all know they make mistakes. If you feel that your injury sustained during your use or interaction with the Metrolink system then call Gonzales Law Offices to schedule a free case evaluation and let Mark “The Shark” Gonzales fight for the compensation you deserve. Staff is standing by to take your call 24 hours a day!

Corona Dog Bites

Gonzales Law Offices offers the area’s best legal representation to Corona citizens who have been victims of dog bites. California law states that an owner is responsible for the actions of their dog and that means you can take them to court for personal injury to be fairly compensated for what their negligence caused. Mark “The Shark” Gonzales provides the kind of advocacy that you need when fighting against the owner of the dog that bit you to recoup lost wages, medical expenses, and ease the pain and suffering caused by such a harmful encounter. He’ll fight for everything you’re owed and ensure the party responsible learns a valuable lesson in responsible ownership

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to have one of our helpful, bilingual staff set a free case evaluation appointment at a location convenient to you with our lead attorney, Mark Gonzales. He’ll put you at ease and explain our process for winning your case. And, consultations are 100% free and you pay nothing unless we win your case!

Corona Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can quickly change your life for the worse – especially if you fall wrong – and can often be caused by negligence or malfunction. In these cases, Gonzales Law Offices can help you get compensation for your injuries through filing a personal injury case. Our attorney, Mark “The Shark” Gonzales, is Corona’s top-rated personal injury lawyer with more than decade of winning cases just like yours in the Inland Empire, so you can trust him to give your case all the attention it deserves to ensure you get fair and adequate compensation.

Call Gonzales Law Offices Corona location today to speak with one of our bilingual staff members about your slip and fall accident. They’ll answer all your general questions and schedule a free case evaluation with Mark Gonzales during which time you can get acquainted with the best slip and fall lawyer in Southern California. Call now!

Experienced & Knowledgeable Representation

Gonzales Law Offices offers world-class personal injury representation to those injured in the Corona area. Specializing in car accidents, severe brain injuries, and slips and falls, our staff can help you through any personal injury case with compassion, empathy, and a willingness to go to any lengths within the law to see you prevail. Visit our Personal Injury FAQ to get answers to commonly asked questions or call to schedule a free case evaluation.

Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Latino Lawyers Bar Association of Los Angeles, and the Orange County Latino Lawyers Bar Association. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today!


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