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Our Fontana personal injury lawyer at Gonzales Law Offices has years of experience assisting clients through their cases. We know the laws that pertain to personal injury cases in the state of California and have used this knowledge to achieve victories in many past cases. Below, you can find a small sample of the case results we have obtained. The following victories reflect the tenacity and ability of our firm. We prepare each case from the start for trial to ensure a satisfactory conclusion. Read through the following case results to learn what you can expect from our firm. Keep in mind that each case is vastly different and will have its own results. If we take on your case, we can draw from all of our resources to help you obtain the best resolution possible. If you are injured as a result of the negligence of another individual, please do not hesitate to contact us!

$350,000 Bike vs. Auto accident. Severe litigation with Multiple expert designations and multiple witness depositions.

$175,000 Night Club Assault, No offers made before filing a lawsuit, Multiple witness depositions, Multiple Expert Designations.

$250,000 Hotel Negligence., Four Star Hotel infested with Bed Bugs leaves woman and children covered head to toe in bed bug bits.

$120,000 Slip and fall at Health Spa, No offers made prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

$100,000 policy limits, vehicle accident involving a light dispute, Insurance initial offer was $20,000

$100,000 Policy limits, bike vs. Auto, Disputed liability, no offers make prior to the filing of a lawsuit and multiple depositions.

$100,000 policy limits, Auto vs. Auto, Disputed liability, no offers made before litigation.

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At Gonzales Law Offices, we focus on litigating personal injury cases to help clients obtain restitution from the liable parties in their cases.


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