Ride Share Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawsuits are typically filed over accidents, such as car collisions, motorcycle accidents or slip & fall cases. In some circumstances, the harm that led to a personal injury was intentional. Ride Share Accidents account for a large segment of accidents and injury today. At Gonzales Law Offices, our personal injury lawyer can aggressively fight for your right to compensation. In a personal injury case involving assault and battery, you must know how your specific case should be handled, and our attorney can explain your case to you in detail.

What Is Ride Share Accident?

If you were injured during and ride in a Uber or Lyft you may be entitled to compensation.

Collecting Damages For Your Injury

If you have suffered harm from your ride, you can recover compensation for hospitalization and medical bills. Personal injury lawsuits can be filed for reimbursement from the expenses that resulted from this offense. At our firm, we have many high-tech resources and up-to-date knowledge on criminal and personal injury laws. With more than a decade of experience, we can help you navigate the difficulties associated with your case. Your opposition will be using defense techniques to avoid paying restitution, which makes it imperative that you secure strong legal assistance for your case. Contact us today for the personalized and high-quality representation you deserve!


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