Transportation Accidents

Traveling by any form of public transportation, including a train, bus, or Metrolink, is often selected as an affordable and convenient method. It can also be dangerous when a transportation accident takes place. Although transportation accidents are less common than typical automobile accidents, their results are often catastrophic. With a high number of passengers and the large size of the mass transportation vehicle, an accident can result in many serious injuries and deaths. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a loved one to wrongful death incident, call our firm for a free case evaluation from our personal injury lawyer!

Compensation For Personal Injuries

At Gonzales Law Offices, we know that many injuries from a transportation accident can result in a personal injury lawsuit. We assist victims throughout the San Gabriel Valley with their cases to help them obtain just compensation. With our firm, an initial case evaluation is free and can benefit those facing serious injuries. Transportation accidents may be caused by driver negligence or an unmaintained vehicle. With a careful evaluation and investigation of the case, we can assess what caused the accident and who should be held liable. No matter what the circumstance, you deserve a San Gabriel Valley personal injury attorney who is prepared to fight for you!

In California, transportation accidents are a common occurrence because of the congested roads and highways. The accident may have been caused by driving under the influence, driving errors, vehicle malfunctions, and dangerous road conditions. In any circumstance, devastating effects may result. Our Fontana personal injury attorney has more than a decade of experience helping clients obtain the compensation they need to cover their damages and move forward in life. You likely have unexpected medical bills and lost wages from time away from work, which can cause financial burdens. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today for assistance from our knowledgeable lawyer!


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