Metrolink Accident Lawyer

Metrolink is a regional rail system that offers transport for people in Los Angeles County who are traveling between Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. These trains are designed as a public railway system for the purpose of reducing congestion on highways. Residents throughout Los Angeles County use this system for convenient transportation. Metrolink trains are a relatively inexpensive form of commute and travel. With the amount of traffic that fills the streets and freeways of Los Angeles County, many individuals have chosen this form of transportation in place of personal vehicles. Throughout the years, Metrolink trains have also become more dangerous due to their increased speed. If you have suffered injury from a Metrolink accident, retain our personal injury lawyer today!

Personal Injuries From Metrolink Accidents

Under California law, carriers are held to a high standard of care that other transportation services do not require. California Civil Code § 2100 states that common carriers must display the highest amount of care and diligence for their passengers. Even with such standards, transportation accidents involving Metrolink trains regularly take place. Accidents occur from collisions with other commuter trains, inattentiveness of the conductor, negligence of the engineer, poorly maintained tracks, driver fatigue, excessive speed, and even non-compliance with established safety standards.

If you have been involved with a Metrolink accident and have suffered serious injuries, (or if you need a bus accident lawyer) we advise you to take immediate action. During a free case evaluation, we can help determine whether you have the right to pursue compensation. Using our high-tech resources, we can closely investigate the situation and determine what actions can be taken. Our lawyer can determine who is liable and help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Contact our personal injury attorney today to find out what type of compensation you can obtain!


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