Dog Bite Lawyer

Attacks by dogs and other pets are frightening incidents for innocent victims. Dogs are often viewed as kind, friendly, and tame animals; however, dogs are still animals that have natural instincts and can attack, especially when an owner is not taking caution to protect other individuals. If you have been injured by a dog in the Inland Empire, we encourage you to seek legal assistance from our personal injury lawyer. We have the experience you need to confidently pursue the best possible results for your case.

Personal Injury Claims For Dog Attacks

At Gonzales Law Offices, we offer a free case evaluation to people who have suffered injuries from another’s dog. Children have a higher chance of being the victim of a dog bite because of their innocent perspective on life; they may approach an animal without realizing the danger of doing so. When a child is the victim of a dog attack, the result can be catastrophic. Various serious injuries can result from a dog bite. If the attack is to the face, infections and disfigurement can change the victim’s life. The most serious dog attacks can even lead to death.

Take action today to speak with our dog bite attorney. We know the laws associated with your case, including California’s strict liability for dog owners. Under the strict liability law, dog owners are responsible for the actions taken by their animal. In many circumstances, dog bite claims are paid by the home insurance carrier of the dog owner. We can help you recover compensation by establishing strict liability or negligence.

Legal Representation From Gonzales Law Offices

Our firm is prepared to help you fight your case from start to finish, beginning with a free case evaluation. Our team understands the severity of your injuries and can develop a strategy to help you obtain maximum compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis to alleviate the stress associated with attorney fees. Our goal is to help you obtain satisfactory case results, so contact us today!


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