Ontario’s Personal Injury Lawyer

Ontario’s Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in an accident in Ontario, California the unrivalled legal minds at Gonzales Law Offices are here to help you with the finest legal representation in the Inland Empire. Our highly-rated staff offer world-class service, speak both English and Spanish, and will meet you for a free consultation wherever most convenient for you. We have an impressive record of victories for clients in personal injury cases ranging from car accidents to slip and fall accidents, so you can trust our team to have the specific expertise necessary to win your case.

Being injured in an accident can make everything difficult for you and your family. You deserve the best assistance in Ontario to ensure you get the fair and equitable treatment you deserve – including financial compensation. Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is Ontario’s most acclaimed personal injury lawyer and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Call today and pay no fees unless we win your case!

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Ontario Personal Injury Services

While the dedicated legal team at Gonzales Law Offices can help with any personal injury case, our specified services focus on a list of specific personal injury circumstances most common in Ontario. We’ve built a five-star reputation representing the following types of cases:

Ontario Auto Accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident in Ontario? Are you looking for the best legal team in the area to represent you? Then you should call the highest-rated car accident lawyer in the area – Mark “The Shark” Gonzales. Mark and the team at Gonzales Law Offices offer world-class representation aimed at delivering the maximum compensation for our clients. This is compensation you’re owed for your injuries and can help you recover lost wages, pay for your medical bills, and ease your pain and suffering. It all starts with a phone call and we’re available 24 hours a day!

There’s not a better option for fantastic legal representation In Ontario than can be found at Gonzales Law Offices. We’ve delivered victory for our clients for over a decade and can do the same for you when you call to schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Mark Gonzales and his bilingual staff!

Ontario Serious Brain Injury

An accident in Ontario that leads to serious brain injury can change you or your loved one’s life forever. These brain injury accidents often have long-term health impacts that make living a normal life difficult afterward. They can require years of expensive medical treatments and extended time away from work or school. These losses must be accounted for and those responsible made to pay for their negligence or malfeasance. Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales and his team can help you ensure that happens with passionate legal representation.

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule your own free case evaluation and find out what can be done to assist you and your family. Our bilingual staff will come to wherever is easiest for you and provide you with all the answers about your case and our process. There’s no more compassionate, caring representation in the Inland Empire, so make the call for the help you need today!

Ontario Motorcycle Accidents

Being injured in an Ontario motorcycle accident can lead to serious personal injury and is often the fault of careless, distracted drivers. No matter what the reasons for your accident, you should reach out to the legal team from Gonzales Law Offices to see if you or your loved one may be eligible for compensatory damages stemming from the actions of the driver at fault. California has laws in place to protect motorcycle riders while on the roads, so you may have a personal injury case that could help you pay for medical bills and recoup lost wages.

Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales has been delivering the maximum compensation for his personal injury clients for a decade and can do the same in your case. Call our Ontario office today to speak with one of our knowledgeable, bilingual staff about your motorcycle accident and schedule a free case evaluation with our attorney. You’ll get the best representation in the Inland Empire and pay no fees unless we win your case.

Ontario Wrongful Death

At Gonzales Law Offices, we understand the difficulties that come with dealing with a wrongful death and have worked closely with many families to help them get through the pain and confusion that always comes with this type of loss. Our compassionate, bilingual staff will be there to assist you with answers about your legal options. You may have medical expenses to cover, lost wages to recoup, and additional expenses you can’t even envision yet. You need a reputable, knowledgeable team on your side to ensure you get maximum compensation to rebuild what you’ve lost. That’s Mark Gonzales and the Gonzales Law Offices team.

If Gonzales Law Offices can obtain compensation for a wrongful death case, the awarded compensation can be put to any number of uses. Some of the ways this compensation can help include:

  • Unpaid Medical Expenses
  • Remaining Hospital Bills
  • Funeral & Burial Costs
  • Victim Pain & Suffering
  • Family Pain & Suffering
  • Current Financial Losses
  • Future Financial Losses

We know that no amount of financial compensation can replace your loved one or fill the void in your life. But, it will help you move forward and take care of all the expenses you’ve accrued. Even more importantly, it will ensure that the person or company responsible will pay for their actions. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation and pay no fees unless we win your case.

Ontario Transportation Accidents

In Ontario, California you can be involved in a wide range of transportation accidents – from riding in a bus, a train, a car, or even as a pedestrian. Thankfully, Mark “The Shark” Gonzales and his stellar legal team are Ontario personal injury specialists and will represent you with passion, vigor, and expertise. Personal injury cases from transportation accidents can have as many outcomes as they do causes – from serious injury to mental anguish – and you need the maximum compensation you can receive to get your life back to normal. Plus, we charge no upfront fees and you pay only if we win your case.

Get in touch with Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule your free case evaluation with attorney Mark Gonzales. We’ll meet wherever most convenient for you and offer 24 hour phone availability. There’s not a better option for outstanding personal injury representation in Ontario, so make the call to Gonzales Law Offices for the best transportation accident lawyer in town!

Ontario Bus Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident in Ontario, California and need expert legal assistance then call the top-rated personal injury lawyers from Gonzales Law Offices for world-class representation with no upfront fees. Public transportation accidents involving buses in Ontario can lead to severe personal injuries and could be the fault of negligent operators or malfunctioning equipment. Both of these should be investigated to ensure you weren’t the victim of an accident that could have been avoided. You may have a personal injury case that could help you recover lost wages, pay medical bills, and more.

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to speak with our talented, bilingual team. They’ll help you schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales where you’ll be provided all the answers to your legal questions and discuss the possibilities of a personal injury case. Make the call today for the best representation in Southern California.

Ontario Metrolink Accident Attorney

Gonzales Law Offices is Ontario’s highest-rated law firm for personal injury accident cases involving Metrolink. Over the last decade, our lead attorney, Mark “The Shark” Gonzales, has delivered outstanding legal representation to victims of Metrolink accidents caused by negligence, malfunction, or malfeasance. Our track record of victories is impressive and speaks to the lengths we’ll go within the law for our clients. No matter what your injuries, you should get answers about your legal options and make certain you’re not negatively affected by what transpired – whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Our staff can help you navigate the process and answer any questions you may have about the legal process, our planned strategy, or the possible outcomes. Better still? Our case evaluations are free!

Metrolink accidents in Ontario happen more often than you might think and Gonzales Law Offices is there for every victim in need of legal representation. We provide straightforward legal advice and the kind of advocacy you deserve for what you’ve been through. Don’t wait another minute! Call Gonzales Law Offices now to work with Ontario’s #1 personal injury lawyer.

Ontario Dog Bites

Gonzales Law Offices and lead attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales provide exceptional legal representation to dog bite victims in Ontario and the rest of the Inland Empire. A dog bite may not sound serious, but they can be physically, mentally, and emotionally scarring. Dog owners who are irresponsible must be held to account and California law makes that possible through personal injury claims against the owner. Our talented staff can assist you in filing a personal injury claim and getting the financial compensation you need to recover your life after your ordeal.

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to schedule a free case evaluation with our dedicated legal team and get all the answers about dog bite personal injury cases from the attorney who knows them best – Mark Gonzales. You’ll be impressed by our knowledge, our experience, and our commitment to victory – guaranteed.

Ontario Slip and Fall Accidents

When you or a loved one have been injured in a slip and fall accident in a business or public place you may be eligible for financial compensation for your personal injury. The team from Gonzales Law Offices can help you determine whether or not the circumstances of your accident qualify for a personal injury claim against the business or city for negligence, malfunction, etc. You won’t know until you speak with an attorney who knows the law and its application to your situation – an attorney like Mark “The Shark” Gonzales with a track record of winning cases just like yours.

The staff at Gonzales Law Offices is standing by ready to take your call and provide the answers you’re looking for. They’ll schedule a free case evaluation with Mark Gonzales – Ontario’s #1 slip and fall accident lawyer – where you can discuss the specifics of your case. Plus, you’ll pay no fees whatsoever unless your case is won!

Experienced & Knowledgeable Representation

Gonzales Law Offices offers world-class personal injury representation to those injured in the Ontario area. Specializing in car accidents, severe brain injuries, and slips and falls, our staff can help you through any personal injury case with compassion, empathy, and a willingness to go to any lengths within the law to see you prevail. Visit our Personal Injury FAQ to get answers to commonly asked questions or call to schedule a free case evaluation.

Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Latino Lawyers Bar Association of Los Angeles, and the Orange County Latino Lawyers Bar Association. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today!


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