San Bernardino’s Personal Injury Lawyer

San Bernardino’s Personal Injury Lawyer

In San Bernardino, much as in the rest of the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley, Gonzales Law Offices is the #1 ranked personal injury law firm specializing in car accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death cases. Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales has more than a decade of experience working with personal injury victims to seek the justice they so richly deserve. His track record of victories speaks for itself! Schedule a free case evaluation with Mark and his team when you choose the Fontana firm with the five-star reputation – Gonzales Law Offices.

Personal injury clams can be difficult to file and even more so to win when you choose the wrong legal team to stand beside you. Gonzales Law Offices and attorney Mark Gonzales make it easy for you at every turn. From meeting for a case evaluation where convenient for you to charging no fees unless we win your case, there’s every reason to choose Gonzales Law Offices to represent you in your personal injury case and not a single good reason not to!

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

San Bernardino Personal Injury Services

While the unmatched legal minds at Gonzales Law Offices can help you with any personal injury case, our expertise focuses on a list of specific personal injury circumstances most common in the Inland Empire. We’ve built our five-star reputation representing the following types of cases:

San Bernardino Auto Accidents

Attorney Mark Gonzales is San Bernardino’s top-rated car accident lawyer with more than ten years of successfully fighting for his clients’ rights and the levels of compensation they deserve. Personal injury cases are primarily caused by car accidents and most of these come down to negligent or distracted drivers. Thankfully, Gonzales Law Offices is there to assist you after you’ve been injured in a San Bernardino car accident with world-class legal representation and attention to your physical and emotional needs not found at any other firm.

Contact the team at Gonzales Law Offices as soon as you can after you or a loved one has been injured in a San Bernardino car accident to give our team the opportunity to provide the best possible representation. It’s a fact that the sooner we’re on the case the better the results we can deliver, so choose the right firm and pay no fees unless we win your case. Call now for your free case evaluation!

San Bernardino Serious Brain Injury

When you or a loved one has suffered a serious brain injury due to an accident and believe you may have a personal injury case you should call Gonzales Law Offices immediately to schedule a free case evaluation. Our dedicated and compassionate staff and attorneys understand the challenges you and your family will face and can provide meaningful assistance that allows you to focus on what matters most while we handle the legal side of your case. We’ve helped many families find the justice they deserve after a serious brain injury and we can help you too!

No matter where you are in San Bernardino, or what type of accident caused your serious brain injury, Mark Gonzales and the team from Gonzales Law Offices will be there for you to ease your burdens in a most difficult time. Recover lost wages, pay for medical expenses, and receive compensation to assist you in rebuilding your life after a serious brain injury. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today for the legal help you need!

San Bernardino Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are becoming an ever-more popular form of transportation in the Inland Empire and San Bernardino is no different. Unfortunately for riders, many motorists tend to overlook them at critical times on the roadways and that leads to serious personal injury too often in San Bernardino County. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident then you need to call Mark “The Shark” Gonzales at Gonzales Law Offices immediately to get the best legal team in town on your side. He’ll fight tirelessly for you and get the compensation you need to put your life back together after your accident.

From recouping lost wages to easing your pain and suffering, Gonzales Law Offices will advocate for you throughout the process and never accept anything less than what you deserve for your injuries. Our staff is bilingual and will meet you for a free case evaluation wherever convenient for you. Make the call today for San Bernardino’s best motorcycle accident representation!

San Bernardino Wrongful Death

At Gonzales Law Offices, we understand how tough losing a loved one can be when you feel it was the fault of another. Whether through negligence, incompetence, or malfeasance, there’s never a reason to justify what has happened and rarely the kind of justice we yearn for in these situations. But, attorney Mark Gonzales will passionately work to see you compensated for your loss and ensure that at least that part of your life can be rebuilt.

If Gonzales Law Offices can obtain compensation for your wrongful death case, you can use the compensation to overcome economic obstacles brought on by your loss. Some of the ways this compensation can help you include:

  • Unpaid Medical Expenses
  • Remaining Hospital Bills
  • Funeral & Burial Costs
  • Victim Pain & Suffering
  • Family Pain & Suffering
  • Current Financial Losses
  • Future Financial Losses

Contact Gonzales Law Offices today to work with a team of dedicated, passionate professionals who see your goals as their own. You’ll get more than just the finest wrongful death representation in San Bernardino, you’ll get a group of people who care about your well-being during your ordeal and long after.

San Bernardino Transportation Accidents

In San Bernardino, attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is rated highest for personal injury representation including transportation accidents. Our award-winning bilingual team will meet wherever convenient for your free case evaluation. Better yet? We charge no fees unless we win your case. Whether stemming from a bus or a train or anything else that moves across San Bernardino County, Gonzales Law Offices offers world-beating representation when you’ve suffered personal injury from a transportation accident. It’s why we’re consistently rated #1 in the Inland Empire!

If you believe that your personal injury was the fault of your use of public transportation, or if you were involved in an accident as a pedestrian or inside a vehicle, Gonzales Law Offices can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Don’t settle for second best when Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is just a phone call away!

San Bernardino Bus Accidents

Have you been injured in a bus accident? No matter whether you were a passenger in the bus, a pedestrian, or inside another vehicle when you were injured, you may have a personal injury case due to negligence or malfunction. Being injured in your accident, you’re going to need the best legal team in town to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and in the Inland Empire that’s the bilingual, experienced staff at Gonzales Law Offices. We’ve win these cases and we’ll win yours, too!

Contact Gonzales Law Offices to schedule a free case evaluation. Since you’re injured we can come directly to you to make it as easy on you as possible and will charge zero fees unless we eventually win your case. If that sounds like the right representation for you then call Mark “The Shark” Gonzales today!

San Bernardino Metrolink Accident Attorney

The Metrolink system does a great job of getting people to and from in and around San Bernardino, but accidents do happen to people when using the system or as bystanders. These can usually be chalked up to operator negligence or equipment malfunction which means that you may have a personal injury case against those responsible. Find out by calling Gonzales Law Offices and scheduling a free case evaluation with our bilingual, talented legal team.

Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales earned his nickname by fighting hard to get fair compensation for his clients after they’ve been injured in an accident – especially those that should have been avoided. He’ll deliver justice for you and ensure Metrolink compensates you for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Don’t wait another minute to get the best legal help in San Bernardino – call now!

San Bernardino Dog Bites

Most dog bites are deemed minor and written off as just a moment of confusion or alarm. However, some dog bites are serious and directly caused by the negligence of the dog’s owner. Whether they weren’t on a leash or confined in a safe space, a dog bite can lead to serious complications and the law understands that. That’s why in California a dog’s owner is held liable for the actions of his pet. That means you have a personal injury case against the dog’s owner that can help take care of the trouble caused by the bite.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in San Bernardino and believe the owner is at fault, Gonzales Law Offices will strive to see you get the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been put through. Plus, we charge no fees whatsoever upfront – pay only when we win. So, contact Gonzales Law Offices about your San Bernardino dog bite case today. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

San Bernardino Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident that may have been caused by negligence or malfeasance then you may have a personal injury case against whoever was responsible. You’ll know once you’ve called Gonzales Law Offices and scheduled a free case evaluation with our unmatched legal professionals. In California, property owners are responsible for the safety of their customers and visitors, so trust Mark “The Shark” Gonzales for the top-rated slip and fall personal injury representation in San Bernardino.

When you choose to work with Mark Gonzales and the Gonzales Law Offices team, you’re getting the finest legal minds in San Bernardino County focused on returning maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will come to wherever convenient for your free case evaluation. What are you waiting for? Make the call for legal help today!

Experienced & Knowledgeable Representation

At Gonzales Law Offices, we offer world-class personal injury representation to those injured in the San Bernardino area. Specializing in car accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death – to name a few – our stellar legal team can help you through whatever difficulty you’re facing with compassion, empathy, and a willingness to go to any lengths within the law to see you prevail. Check out our Personal Injury FAQ page to get answers to commonly asked questions before reaching out to staff to schedule a free case evaluation.

Attorney Mark “The Shark” Gonzales is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Latino Lawyers Bar Association of Los Angeles, and the Orange County Latino Lawyers Bar Association. Contact Gonzales Law Offices today!


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